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As I proudly announced in the previous Post, I participated for the first time in Post aus meiner Küche - I think the idea is great! You get assigned an exchange partner, whom you can clarify food allergies with, and then mails each other parcels with self-made delicacies. Also, photos of the delicacies get pinned onto the matching board on Pinterest, which reflects the motto and visualizes a virtual picnic meadow. Genius! Check it out, there are great things to see and a lot of inspiration to be found. And it's all packed so prettily!

In German, "Post aus meiner Küche" is a neat pun, meaning either "mail from my kitchen" or "post from my kitchen" in the blogging sense. I actually didn't get it myself, but had it explained to me by my colleague!

And this is my contribution to Post aus meiner Küche, which I sent to my exchange partner Jelena:
Especially created Blueberry-Chocolate Cake-Pops-TrufflesBunny Bread - because there should be a bunny on a picnic meadow! 
Also, the following three spreads: Lemon Curd, Strawberry-Lavendar-Vanilla-Jam und Pumpkin-Apple-Jam. And, last but not least, the popular Cinnamon Buns with Hermann.

You can see what I got from Jelena at the bottom of the page!

Pumpkin-Apple-Jam and 

Auch beim Verpacken hatte ich viel Spaß - ich habe einen Tip von Pinterest, wie man aus Geschenkpapierresten mit doppelseitigem Klebeband Deko-Bänder machen kann, ausprobiert, das hat eigentlich auch ganz gut geklappt!

And this was in my parcel from Jelena:
Grilled Zucchini im a jar, Mediterranian Snacks and little Blueberry Pockets - and a very pretty card. It was all delicious and the zucchini is even healthy :-)
I hope that I'll get the recipes!

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