Whole-grain sourdough bread "Rudi"

Since we just had a big food scandal in the bakery chain "Müller Brot " here in Bavaria, I'm very happy once more to be able to bake my bread by myself, well knowing exactly what goes into it - which is a surprisingly small number of ingredients! The recipe for this whole-grain rye bread was perfectioned by my sister and based on the bread that our grandmother used to bake with sourdough.  We called the newly created sourdough "Rudi" like our granddad, as  sourdoughs are usually considered male. I've learned to bake it and have managed not to forget to keep back some of the sourdough back for the next bread, because that would be the end of the Rudi dynasty!


Valentine Muffins with Amaretto und Raspberry Buttercream

For Valentine's Day, my boyfriend got these Muffins and a small, heart-shaped cake. Amaretto muffins are his favorites and also quickly made.
He's not especially fond of raspberries or other fruits in his cakes, but pink is essential for Valentine's day and you can taste them just a bit...


Ladybug Gateau with striped case and raspberry cream

I made this gateau for a colleague who celebrated her going-away party and had her invitations decorated with ladybugs. As I wanted to test my idea to make the black parts with dark berries and the red ones with red berries first, I made a small gateau first. I multiplied the ingredients wit 1.5 to get a 26cm and a 18 cm gateau.


Wintry Orange Charlotte

This Orange Charlotte with a case made of gingerbread, a wintry Curd-Cream filling and orange liqueur topping was inspired from a cookbook that I got from my dear friend Andrea.
Unfortunately, I forgot the decorate the finished Charlotte with snowflakes made of which chocolate. I made the case from gingerbread dough because that dough can be stored nicely in the fridge - in fact, it's good for the dough to lie in there for a while before it's used, such that the potassium can do its job, and I always have some in the house for spontaneous gingerbread hearts.