Homemade Raider (now called Twix) for #PamK

The theme for "post/mail from my kitchen" is "childhood memories" this time. Since many of my sweet childhood memories (butter cream cake, waffles with vanilla sauce, truffles, Kinder-Riegel, ice cream) are unfortunately either impossible to mail or (almost) impossible to prepare at home, I had decided on homemade Toffifee and homemade Nutella. 
After I had searched, sorted and compared recipes, it occurred to me suddenly that my exchange partner has a hazelnut-incompatibility and thus both ideas were out! So I came up with homemade Raider or Twix - no hazelnuts and actually a special childhood memory for me, since I still remember the "Raider is now called Twix" - advertising in 1991 very well! So I baked a shortcrust base for my 22 x 22 cm brownie mold, the one I always use for the cashew toffees.
I was able to use the crème caramel (dulce di leche) from the Russian store which I wanted to use for the Toffifee for the Twix instead, but it was a bit softer than the original caramel.