Muffin Bouquet with Doctor-Hat

Yesterday, a colleague of mine celebrated her birthday and doctorate degree and for this occasion, I thought it a good idea to combine a cupcake rose bouquet with little doctor hats. Of course, not everything went as planned, especially in the transport department, there were a few minor hiccups. After the first two doctor hats had a tragic accident with a fallen electric mixer (onto the hats), the last doctor hat inexplicably broke on the transport by bus :-(
Luckily, we could re-assemble the hat for a few photos and since the doctorate exam had already been passed, it cannot mean any bad luck :-)


Cake of Death - Happy Valentine's Day!

After I had made death cookies for my best friend's birthday, who is a big fan of the Notfunny comics, he promptly gave me the matching "cake mold of death" for my birthday :-) Now, you cannot bake such a cake for just any occasion - you wouldn't want the recipient of the cake to take it the wrong way! So I decided spontaneously on a counter-measure to the Valentine's Day-induced ubiquitous hearts and love motives in Pinterest and everywhere, and devoted this cake to all the singles for Valentine's Day ;-) 

By the way, my colleague found this recipe on Chefkoch.de, and I wanted give it a try, because it contains neither oil nor butter.


Dessert with yogurt and fruits

If you're looking for a dessert that is fast and easy to prepare and rather light in addition, just go with the yogurt and fruit combo, layered decoratively into a glass. I used Greek yogurt with 10% fat, low-fat yogurt would be even lighter, of course, but won't keep you sated just as long... The fact that the yogurt tastes a bit sour, makes the fruits taste very sweet in comparison, although the mixed berries also contain some rather sour fruits. The dessert can be prepared well in advance and looks pretty with the colorful layers in the glass. You get yet another layer of color if you mix some of the fruit with the yogurt before piling it into the glass.