Stick bread with herbs

Lately, it seems that stick bread has gotten very popular again, and since I missed this trend as a child, I really wanted to try it! Last weekend, we were invited for a barbecue and our gift in addition to the lemon meringue cupcakes was dough for bread on a stick. 
Unfortunately, I had not thought ahead to ask the host about the type of grill, which was in fact the sort of grill  which has to be covered with a lid while grilling - so no stick bread heat source! And since it was a barbecue party, something is on the grill at all times! Thus, I made 2/3 of dough as "oven bread" and only 2 stick breads to try it out - and considerung that everyone was already stuffed from all the other delicious barbecued stuff, the stick bread was remarkably popular! ;-)

Ingredients for 6 stick breads:
1 kg flour
1 to 1.5 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
2 P. dry yeast 
herbs (marjoram, oregano)

aluminum foil

Mix the ingredients to prepare a yeast dough, using the dough hook of the food processor. Pull a plastic bag over the bowl and let the dough rise until it has doubled in volume, then cut it into 6 pieces, shape each portion into a 40 cm long roll and wrapped it around the aluminum foil wrapped sticks.
As stick bread sticks, hazel rods are suitable due to being very straight, or if you are too lazy to stroll into the woods as we were, use a halved 1 meter beech pole from the hardware store.

 Hold the loaves for about 10 minutes over the fire while turning them around constantly. Bon appetit!

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