Visiting my parents together with my dear sister, we could harvest a lot of lavendar which we used for lavendar pillows and this great jam (of course, the composition was my sister's idea!). The flavours of strawberry, vanilla and lavendar harmonize even better than we'd thought!


Ingredients for ca. 2,5 L:
6 TSP lavendar
1,7 kg strawberries
900 g gelling sugar (2:1)
juice of 2,5 lemons
1 vanilla bean

Energy: 163 kcal per 100 g

Stip the lavendar umbels of the stems, take care not to include any parts of the stems in your jam! Wash the strawberries and cut the green part out, then puree them with the gelling sugar and the lemon juice. Slice the vanilla bean open and extract the mark, add  both the vanilla mark and the rest of the bean to the pureed strawberries.

Add the lavendar to the mix, bring it to boil and cook for 3 minutes or according to the instructions on the sugar, check if the liquid gells.
Pour into clean jam glasses and seal them - due to the sugar, it's not necessary to additionally sterilize the glasses before use!

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