Rainbow Snow Cake with Snowman Macarons

For my mom's birthday this year, we made  and froze a cake, because my sister and I were at our parents' house on the weekend before the birthday. I wanted to bake this  cake with the cuuuuute Snowman Macarons. Also, I had always wanted to bake a rainbow cake, so I thought I'd combine the two: a Rainbow Snow Cake with Snowman Macarons! Since the mother of my friend Andrea had her birthday a few days before mine, on the weekend that we spent there, we baked the cake twice - thus, I could also try a piece :-D


Bad-Ass Bat Muffins

I had a Halloween party planned for his year and a lot of ideas of what I wanted to prepare for it. After this plan had changed spontaneously, I was invited to a Halloween party at a dear colleague's house and chose these bat muffins from all my ideas as my contribution to the finger food buffet. 
Mine are not as cute as the original ones with mini muffins and huuuuge eyes , but they also look a bit halloweenig and nasty, as it should be!