Cookies of Death - NOTFUNNY Lemmings and Death

Today is my best friend Fabian's birthday, and since he loves the Notfunny Comics by Joscha Sauer and always likes to present us with a Notfunny book or postcard calendar, my sister had the idea to bake him cookies and to send them together with a Notfunny postcard. And because I always love to stay in theme, I wanted to bake Notfunny cookies! 
From the notfunny characters, the death and the lemmings suited best from a cookie perspective - because they are brown and fairly simple to make. So I wanted to bake lemmings and made an almond pastry dough with a little cocoa. My sister wanted to make sweet Pretzels from peanut-chocolate pastry dough, but offered me half of that dough for the Death biscuits, such that the colors match the original's closely - even if the proportions do not quite fit ;-)
Ingredients for 35 Lemmings:
200 g flour
100 g almonds
10 g cocoa
100 g sugar
100 g butter
0.5 pack vanilla sugar

0.5 pack baking powder
2 eggs

75 g white chocolate
50 g bittersweet chocolate

Use all the ingredients from flour to eggs to knead a pastry dough, set to rest in a cool place if needed.
For the lemmings I've bent a cookie cutter, because by definition, you always need a lot of lemmings! The bending of cutters is very convenient because there are no limits to your imagination, so I always like to do it and will soon write a blog post about it.

The shape of Death from Notfunny is fairly easy to cut out with a knife, so I had these traced baking sheets and used the piece of baking sheet as a cutting template.

Bake the figures at 170° C circulating air for 8 minutes, then remove from oven and slide the baking paper from the tray, to prevent further baking.

Let the cookies cool and then decorate them with white and dark chocolate, first painting the dark lines and then filling in the white parts. Et voilà!

For packing the cookies, alternately stack them with baking paper-pieces and set them in an upright position into transparent plastic cookie bags.

There also were chocolate peanut pretzels and chocolate crossies the birthday package! Happy Birthday, Fabian!

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