Pineappe Sage Tea with Lemon

Since the summer seemed to be over for a while, I started into the tea-season. In addition, my pineapple sage just grows and grows, taking resources from the other herbs, such that I'm trying to use a lot of it right now. ;-) Apparently, it really likes my herb garden, much more than the other herbs, which grow normally and much slower!
Just like from mint, lemon balm, or sage,
you can make a delicions tea from pineapple sage, which even tastes much better than sage tea - but it's also not as healthy as sage tea. I won't use it up all, though (apart from the fact that I won't be able to drink THAT much tea) - the red flowers of the sage are supposed to be very pretty!

1 bunch / large branch pineapple sage 
1 organic lemon
1.5 liters water 

Bring the water to a boil, meanwhile pluck the pineapple sage leaves from the stem and shred them some small pieces (works best with a pair of scissors). Remove the peel of the lemon with a zester and add to the leaves in the tea strainer. Squeeze the lemon.

Pour the boiling water of the pineapple sage and lemon peel and steep for about 5 minutes. Add the lemon juice to the tea, the liquid then becomes a bit cloudy (see rear glass). The lemon juice brings out the of pineapple flavor!

The thick high bush, which is much higher than all other herbs, is the pineapple sage! Apparently it is very happy in my herb garden ;-) I'm looking forward to see it bloom!

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