Chocolate Filled Strawberries - the other way!

Since I went to the strawberry field again yesterday, I had the chance to pick some rather big strawberries to finally try out this fantastic recipe for chocolate-filled strawberries (idea from this blog). I used 50 g white und 100 g milk chocolate. Finally -  chocolate strawberries that you can eat without getting your fingers sticky! :-)
Ingredients for 24 strawberries:
24 big strawberries
150 g chocolate
Tray for mini muffins or egg cartons

Energy: 30 kcal per strawberry

Wash the strawberries, dry them and cut off the green part. Use a sharp tipped knife to cut little cones out of the strawberries and set the strawberries into the mini muffin try or egg cartons, hole facing up.

Melt the chocolate directly within a freezer bag, at 50% in the microwave or in a bain-marie. Cut off one corner of the freezer bag and pipe the chocolate into the strawberries. 

Set the tray in the fridge for 10 minutes and enjoy the strawberries when the chocolate is neither liquid nor hard, but soft and yummy! The egg carton can be used nicely for transport, if needed :-)

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