Solder-Burning - Herb Garden Markers and Bread Cutting Boards

Sometimes, the baked works of art require an adequately fancy presentation and today I want to introduce one way of creating such a presentation: I call it solder-burning, using a soldering iron to burn shapes into wooden objects. I had the idea when I wanted to make little markers for my herb garden out of wooden popsicle sticks, and some of these popsicle sticks already have this kind of burnt print on them. Since it worked very well with the popsicle sticks and I recently needed a "Royal Bavarian Snack Plate" to present the "Bread and Salt" for a friend, I thought it was a nice idea to also write his name on the board and progressed to the next and rather bigger object - check it out!
wooden board, e.g., beech, or
wooden popsicle sticks
carbon paper
soldering iron with at least 25 Watts

Print out or draw the inscription or what you want to have on the board or a piece of paper. Use the carbon paper to transfer the inscription onto the wood.

Heat the soldering iron and carefully burn the marked letters. Take care not to leave the tip of the iron in one place for too long, since this causes that place to get very dark as the iron burns deeper into the wood, and afterwards, the tip of the iron tends to slide into the thus created hole. You'll get a good feeling for that rapidly, though, once you try it. Of course, I couldn't burn the Bavarian coat of arms that you can see to the right in the bought board, but other than that, I think it comes pretty close in style!

And this is my fantastic herb garden with 2 kinds of sage, 2 kinds of savory, and X kinds of mint...I really need markers to tell them apart ;-)


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