The name Chutney comes from the Indian cuisine and refers to a family of condiments,  often involving spices and fruits. Chutneys used to be prepared fresh until the British adopted the custom of preserving chutneys using sugar and vinegar, similar to the principle of preserving jams. With strawberries that you harvest yourself, the chutney tastes especially delicious! 
All  chutneys are a great condiment for grilled meat, but also for cheese and fish or Rice&Curry dishes of the Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine!

Ingredients for about 2 L:
750 g rhubarb (3 stalks)
500 g strawberries
500 g onions
800 g brown sugar
400 ml vine vinegar
2 TSP salt
TSP ground coriander
TSP cinnamon
0,5 TSP ground cloves

Energy: 177 kcal/100 g

Cut the rhubarb and the strawberries to small pieces. Cut the onions in coarse cubes. Mix all the ingredients in a high pot and set to boil while stirring, then let the mix cook slightly and while stirring occasionally, until the chutney becomes reduced to a thick consistency.

As the chutney cooks slowly, start to sterilize the clean jars at 150 °C in the oven for about 15 min, and browse the jar lids with boiling water. 
I always use awesome wooden grill pliers (which have my name engraved and were a present from good friends) to fish the lids out of the hot water and place them on the jars. Unnamed pliers will also work, though :-) 

Use a funnel to pour the chutney into the jars, screw on the lids (using the pliers and pot holders) and stick on a nice label, if you want. The Rhubarb Strawberry Chutney is a welcome guest at every barbecue party!

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