A Recipe for Marriage - Yin-Yang Gateau with Light and Dark Chocolate Mousse

I created this gateau especially for the wedding of our friends Raphaela und Martin - my best whishes for you two! The YinYang                 symbol stands for the union of complements or opposites to harmony, for man and woman, dark and light. You can prepare this gateau perfectly as a couple - each person just chooses a color, prepares the sponge cake and the mousse and in the end, everything is combined in perfect harmony. :-) You can also combine the gateau diffently in order to exploit the opposites: since the white mousse is a bit sweeter, it also tastes very well with the dark sponge cake!

Ingredients for 12 servings:
For the light sponge cake:
For the dark sponge cake:
2 eggs 2 eggs
2 TBSP hot water 2 TBSP hot water
65 g sugar 65 g sugar
75 g flour 50 g flour

25 g cocoa

For the light mousse: For the dark mousse:
9 g powdered gelatin (1 P.) 9 g powdered gelatin (1 P.)
200 g white chocolate       200 g dark chocolate 
200 ml milk 200 ml milk
200 g whipping cream 200 g whipping cream
Energy: 415 kcal per serving

Heat the oven to 200°C, line the floor of two 26 cm baking tins with baking paper.
For both batters, beat the eggs with the sugar and the water until the batter turns a creamy white.

Add the flour or flour and cocoa, carefully work it into the batter with a spatula. Spread the batter evenly into the baking tin and bake for about 8-10 minutes.
Print out a Yin-Yang symbol about 25 cm wide (it won't fit completely onto an A4 sheet of paper, but the dots and the outer line is the important part!). Cut out the symbol and cut it into a light and a dark part.
Take the baked bases out of the tins and let them cool on a rack. Once they're cool, place one part of the Yin-Yang symbol on a sponge cake base and cut the base in two parts, proceed to do the same with the second base.
For both the mousses, soak the gelatin in water according to instructions, measure the milk and pour it into a small bowl. Melt both kinds of chocolate separately in the microwave (50%) or bain marie. Melt the soaked gelatin, also in a bain marie or in the microwave. Add a spoonful of milk to the gelatin to adapt the temperature, then pour the gelatin into the milk. Add the chocolate to the milk, mix it all smooth and set in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Whip the whipping cream, mix the gellied chocolate smooth again and carefully mix the whipped cream with the chocolate mass. 

Combine the gateau: combine a light and a dark base to form a complete circle and fix the rim of the baking tin or a cake ring around it. Stick a piece of baking paper between the two parts, that will help you to keep the mousses separated. Pour half of the dark mousse on the dark base and half of the light mousse on the light base, and smooth the surface. Lay the second light and dark bases onto the mousse, then add the second half of the light and dark mousses. Keep a spoonful of each mousse for the dot!

Remove the baking paper and smooth the border area between the mousses. Use the lid of a bottle to mark the dot and fill it with the mousse, using a tea spoon.

Set to cool in the fridge for at least 3 hours. Enjoy as a couple - just like your whole marriage :-)

For the wedding, I made this recipe in the form of 12 mini gateaus - aren't they cute?

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