Pink Velvet Sponge with Mango Mousse and Rose Decoration

For the birthday of my dear friend Andrea, I made a fancy cake with a rose decoration that I had discovered, once again, on Pinterest and had since been dying to try it out! I had chosen the combination of sponge cake and cream cheese-chocolate frosting because Andrea and her family had already been so excited about the rainbow snowman cake, particularly her father, who otherwise seem to hardly eat cake at all. :-) This time, the sponge had only one color, namely pink, and it was filled in the middle with mango mousse. Because I wanted to have the cake nice and high, I squeezed a recipe for a 26cm mold into a 24cm mold, but it has worked well, the batter did not run over (as I was very afraid it might), but yielded a nice and pretty high cake! :-)

Ingredients for 16 pieces:
8 egg yolks
6 tablespoons hot water
300 g sugar
8 egg whites
2 p. vanilla sugar
200 g flour
200 g cornflour
4 tsp baking powder
red food coloring

0.5 times the recipe Mango Mousse

800 g cream cheese
400 g white chocolate

Nutritional value: 550 kcal per piece

The 24cm mold in the home of my parents is a lot older than me, but has put up a good fight and baked the biscuit perfectly! I think it's rather cool with its "shabby chic" ;-)
Weigh out the ingredients and separate the eggs: Put sugar, food coloring and egg yolks in one bowl, egg whites in a separate bowl and flour, cornflour and baking powder into a third bowl.
Whisk egg yolks, sugar and hot water until foamy. Beat egg whites until stiff. Sieve the flour mixture onto the egg yolks, add beaten egg whites and fold in everything. Line the floor of the mord with baking paper, do not grease the edge of the mold.
Pour the dough into the mold (with a 24cm mold, it is pretty full!) and bake for about 60 minutes at 190° C, test with a skewer.
Remove the sponge cake from the tin and allow to cool for several hours or overnight.
Optionally cut off the tip and then cut the cake in half horizontally.

I had decided to use the dome-shaped bottom for the top so that the rose decoration makes  a nice smooth dome. Therefore, set the even bottom on a cake plate and spread the mango mousse on it. Set the upper sponge layer on top and press down slightly.
For the frosting:
Melt the white chocolate in a water bath or in the microwave on 50%, stir until smooth and stir in the cream cheese. (Detail photos  here ).
Cover the cake with a thin layer of cream and smooth it out. Before I start decorating, I slide strips of baking paper under the cake edge as a precaution, which I can then pull out easily.
Put the rest of the cream into a pastry bag with a large star tip and pipe roses at the bottom edge of the cake.
 Turning the cake around, pipe more roses, until you reach the top in the middle.
Let the cake rest before slicing in a cold place - about 30 minutes.

Obviously, I could only cut the cake once I had presented it to Andrea and after her birthday brunch had begun. Nevertheless, all guests were patiently waiting until I hadtaken my picture :-)
Enjoy have a very happy birthday, dear Andrea!

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