Parfait of Light and Dark Chocolate Mousse

My dear colleague Alex celebrated his birthday recently and actually the plan was that we would celebrate together whilst on great business trip in northern Sweden. He had mentioned several times and very inconspicuously that he REALLY likes chocolate mousse, so I wanted to prepare one in Sweden - no problem so far! However, the plan had changed and I spent a week in northern Sweden, while he was on another business trip until the evening of his birthday. So, I produced a light and a dark chocolate mousse before my departure, arranged them in a glass jar, froze it directly afterwards and deposited it in the office freezer, so that another nice colleague could bring it to him on the evening after his arrival. Of course, I had previously tested the suitability of chocolate mousse for being frozen: depending on the thaw progress, you can eat it as ice cream, parfait or as completely thawed mousse :-)
Ingredients for 16 servings:
200 g dark chocolate
1 teaspoon espresso
5 eggs
1/2 P. vanilla sugar
400 g whipping cream

200 g white chocolate
5 eggs
1/2 P. vanilla sugar
400 g whipping cream

Energy:  360 kcal per serving

Weigh out the ingredients. Prepare the two mousses in sequence:
Melt chocolate in a water bath or in the microwave on 50%, add the espresso to the dark chocolate.
Separate the eggs, beat egg whites. Whisk egg yolks with vanilla sugar until fluffy. Whip the cream until stiff. Fold in the cooled chocolate with the egg yolk mix.
Then fold in the cream and the egg whites. 
Put the first mousse in a bowl, ramekins or a glass jar. If you want to have the oblique effect, set the glass at an angle, for example with the help of an egg carton.

Prepare the second mousse analogously, while the first one sets:

Carefully place the second mousse onto the first and seal the jar or cover the bowl. 
Set the covered mousse to rest on a cool place for 2-24 hours or, as in my case, freeze directly.

The mousse is frozen through after 12 h and a bit more solid than ice cream because of its lower fat content. After 1 h of thawing at room temperature, it is like mousse on the outside , while die inside is still frozen, after 2 h, it has parfait consistency, and after 3 h it will be completely back to the mousse consistency :-) 
Add some instructions to the mousse (the small jar was for the nice messenger), pack it in a plastic bag and deposit it in the target-freezer. Ready!
 Happy Birthday, Alex!

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