Mango-Mousse in Chocolate-Cups (Explosion of the Senses...and Chocolate)

What could be a better decoration for a mango mousse than a chic chocolate cup? At least that's what I thought this morning. I'd seen the great idea of making chocolate cups out of air ballons in this blog, and wanted to try it. Unfortunately, I hadn't read the comments beneath the post, these ladies had had similar problems as I experienced - we had chocolate in our faces (and splattered across the whole kitchen) instead of on the rack!

Ingredients for 8 servings:
9 sheets of gelatin
500 g mango, about 1.5 big, ripe mangoes
400 g mango pulp (pureed canned mangoes)
3 TBSP orange juice 
TBSP lemon juice 
2 eggs
80 g sugar 
300 ml whipping cream

For the decorations:
8 TBSP mango pulp
1/2 mango 
400 g white chocolate
8 small air balloons or water balloons

Energy: 421 kcal per serving

Soak the gelatin in water. Peel the magoes, cut out the stone and cut the mangoes into cubes. Puree the mangoes with the orange and lemon juice, maybe add lemon juice to taste.
Since the canned mango pulp tastes more intense and is sweeter than the pureed mangoes, at least than the mangoes that you can buy in Germany, you probably need more suger if you prepare this recipe with fresh mangoes only. You can see the difference in color in the pictures below. Mix the canned mango pulp with the pureed mangoes, see if you like the flavor.

Beat the egg whites of the eggs together with half the sugar until they're snowy white and rather solid. Dissolve the gelatin, whip the cream and mix the egg yolks together with the rest of the sugar until light and foamy. Add some mango mousse to the gelatin to adapt the temperature, then add gelatin and egg yolks to the mango mousse and mix well. Add the whipped cream and the egg white snow and mix in carefully with a spatula. Cover the bowl and set the mousse in a cold place for at least 3 hours. 

For the chocolate cups, blow up the air balloons. I wouldn't have managed to do so without a pump, since I had water balloons which were incredibly difficult to blow up, and it was an even bigger challenge to tie them! We managed to get some balloons blown up (my dad had to help!) and thought that should be enough. The idea is to melt the chocolate, dip the balloons into the chocolate, set them on a rack to cool and dry, and later pop the balloons - et voilà, chocolate cups. 
As mentioned above, I unfortunately hadn't read the comments in the blog and that's why after a few seconds on the rack, my first dipped-in-chocolate-air-balloons blew up all around my face and over the entire kitchen. [I am very, very sorry to say that I didn't think of taking a picture of myself sprinkled with white chocolate to entertain you ;-)]

So, the chocolate had been to hot as it seemed, as I carried on fearlessly and of the remaining balloons, none exploded. The balloon lying in the corned is filled with water; it was easier to get water in than air, but of course it couldn't stand on the chocolate and toppled over.

Well, put the remaining balloons in a cold place, clean yourself and the kitchen and after few hours, the balloon starts separating from the chocolate cup alread (or this one was a balloon that wasn't perfectly airtight!). Use a toothpick to pop the balloons and remove the balloon parts, et voilà...a chocolate cup with just a tiny hole in the floor. But you serve it on a plate anyway!

Use a spoon to arrange the mango mousse in the cups, decorate with mango pulp (or saved mango puree) and mango slices and enjoy!

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