Chocolate-Caramel Custard in a Jar for #PamK

Another childhood memory of mine is custard, which we have always made ​​with readymade packaged custard powder. Some time ago, I had found an interesting thread in the chefkoch.de forum titled "I will never buy packaged custard again" where some people posted great recipes for pudding from scratch - including these two for chocolate custard and caramel custard. I decided that the custard would best be mailed in a glass jar and that it would be pretty to layer both puddings into the jar. After testing a complicated chocolate pudding recipe with egg yolks, I realized that I am not able to simultaneously deal with hot caramel and the clotting risk of egg yolk, and timing it such that both have the same texture and the layers in the jar work out! I also found the pudding with egg a bit too much, so I decided on the more classic chocolate pudding recipe below, and these two I was well able to prepare and layer in parallel! :-)
chocolate custard
500 ml milk
40 g cornstarch

30 g cocoa
50 g sugar 

caramel custard: 

500 ml milk 
40 g cornstarch
80 g sugar 
1 pinch of salt

Measure out and prepare  the ingredients.
Mix smooth both the cornstarch for the caramel custard and the cornstarch, cocoa and sugar for the chocolate custard with milk.

In a saucepan, caramelize the sugar until it is medium brown. 

Then pour the milk into the pot. There is a lot of hissing and the caramel will clump, but later it dissolves slowly back into the milk.
Now is a good time to set the milk for the chocolate pudding to boil.
Once the caramel has dissolved into the milk completely and the milk almost boils, remove the pot from the heat, stir in the cornstarch mix, place the pot back on the heat and bring to a boil once while stirring. 

Analogously, pour the cornstarch-cocoa-sugar-milk mixture into the hot milk for the chocolate pudding and bring to a boil again once, while stirring. 
Quickly layer the custards into the jars and screw on the lid, so that it creates a vacuum, which also helps with the conservation! 

For some days, the custard will keep without cooling. Bon appetit!

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