Homemade Raider (now called Twix) for #PamK

The theme for "post/mail from my kitchen" is "childhood memories" this time. Since many of my sweet childhood memories (butter cream cake, waffles with vanilla sauce, truffles, Kinder-Riegel, ice cream) are unfortunately either impossible to mail or (almost) impossible to prepare at home, I had decided on homemade Toffifee and homemade Nutella. 
After I had searched, sorted and compared recipes, it occurred to me suddenly that my exchange partner has a hazelnut-incompatibility and thus both ideas were out! So I came up with homemade Raider or Twix - no hazelnuts and actually a special childhood memory for me, since I still remember the "Raider is now called Twix" - advertising in 1991 very well! So I baked a shortcrust base for my 22 x 22 cm brownie mold, the one I always use for the cashew toffees.
I was able to use the crème caramel (dulce di leche) from the Russian store which I wanted to use for the Toffifee for the Twix instead, but it was a bit softer than the original caramel.
Ingredients for 32 Bars:
125 g butter
125 g sugar
250 g flour
1 egg
400 g (1 can) Caramel Cream / Dulce di Leche / caramelized sweetened condensed milk
600 g of whole milk chocolate coating

Nutritional value: 150 kcal per bar

I had found that I get just the original Twix-length if I cut the dough in the mold in half once.
Line the mold with baking paper - I draw box shapes around the bottom and the walls of the mold on baking paper, then cut the corners to make it then fold along the edges of the mold.

Prepare a pastry dough from ​​of butter, sugar, flour and the egg. Press the dough into the mold and smooth it out. Prick the dough with a fork so that it bakes evenly and the air can escape during baking.

The readymade caramel cream from the can was sweeter than the caramel in Twix, so I added some salt. It was also softer, but I was not sure if boiling it down would work, so I've left it that way. Well chilled, the bar could still handled well enough. 
Pour the salted caramel cream onto the baked base and set to cool for a few hours in a cold place or (faster) in the freezer. 
Raise the cold or frozen on board from the mold and cut it on a board in large Twix bars. For my mold, that made exactly 32 pieces (very easy to cut, since you only have to cut in half - we computer scientists love that ;-))

Melt the chocolate (I did this directly in a pot on the stove on low heat, but please be careful that nothing burns) and cover the bar with it, set to cool on baking paper. 

With the remaining chocolate you can still pipe lines onto the bars (there will still be some leftover chocolate, so you do not use the whole 600 g). 

Here is a comparison of original and counterfeit Twix. You can see it ( homemade right), the biscuit base was softer and higher in me and the caramel was too soft. Some taste testers found my version even much better :-)
Let the bars become firm, then they bars can be packaged, (of course, always in pairs!) And off goes the mail from my kitchen!

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