Monster Eyes

This recipe is ideal for small leftovers of royal icing, for example, from decorating gingerbread hearts. Since I had baked several recent Gingerbread (some of my friends had babies again), I even had the opportunity to produce the monster eyes in two stages, so that they have a pretty edge at the back, such that they can be stuck into all sorts of cakes, muffins or creams. In the United States you can buy those monster eyes readymade, but they are really very easy to make yourself! Just take a some royal icing and black food coloring, and I think chocolate would also work!

a little royal icing
black food coloring + brush or
black food color pen

Fill the Royal Icing into a pastry bag with a narrow tip (if it isn't in there already from the gingerbread heart-decorating) and pipe  about 1 cm small dots on a sheet of baking paper. 
Every now and then, flatten the tips before they drySet the dots to dry for several hours.
With the black food coloring, paint small black dots as pupils to the royal icing, let dry.

Turn the dried eyes upside down and pipe small, pointed bit of royal icing on the back, so you can push the eyes into dough like thumbtacks!
Store in a plastic container and use for bats , reindeer, Cookie Monsters, etc.!

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