Bouquet of Cinnamon Buns

The Cupcate Rose Bouquet gave me the idea that my favorite Hermann cinnamon buns could also be presented in that manner - because that's much fancier than just sticking them into a basket, right?
Also, the cinnamon bun bouquet has the great advantage over the cupcake bouquet that the construction is much easier to transport! The butter cream is a bit sticky and unstable after all, unlike the cinnamon buns. This time, everything went much faster and worked like a charm, such that I even arrived at the party super punctual :-)

1 flower pot
Hermann cinnamon buns
1 cabbage head
12 toothpicks

Place the cabbage in the pot, possibly remove some leaves so that it fits well. Wrap the cabbage in aluminum foil. Arrange the cinnamon rolls with toothpicks on the cabbage and cover the gaps where the aluminum foil glistens through with napkins strips.

Craft a little bow from two napkin strips and voila!
Since I had no other suitable bag at hand, the bouqut was even allowed to travel in my great and dearly beloved "Nadine-bag". It fit well and was super easy to transport that war... and of course, the bag came back home with me afterwards! ;-)

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