Clara's Healthy Din-Cookies

My current "favorite kid" in my circle of friends is little Clara - because she loves pastry of all kinds and thus appreciates my hobby! Shortly after she had learned my name ("Din"), her mom returned home with the Christmas cookies that we had baked together. Since then, all kinds of cookies and sweets are also called "Din" by Clara, which makes me very proud!
Since Clara had been ill last week, I wanted to bake her some healty cookies for her cookie jar and that's how I made up the recipe for these cookies with spelt whole grain flour, brown sugar, and oats.
Also, I got to use the little cookie cutters wich my dad had given me for Christmas :-)
I thought that the "Dins" did taste a bit healthy, but Clara apparently likes them very much!

Ingredients for 120 Cookies:
250 g spelt whole grain flour
50 g oats
100 g brown sugar

150 g butter or margarine
1 Pck. vanilla sugar

0,5 Pck. baking powder
1 egg

Energy: 22 kcal per Cookie

With the K-hook of the stand mixer (yes, Kitty is back!), mix all the ingredients together, set to rest in a cold place if necessary.

Roll out the dough using some flour, and cut out the little shapes. The oats are a bit of a nuisance while cutting out cookies, but that's what we'll do for our fitness, right?
I used my cookie stamps to press little Cs and hearts into the cookies.
Since I found a rocket among the mini cookie cutters (what else could it be, any ideas?), and since I will make a great trip soon to see a rocket launch, I also made some TEXUS- and REXUS-cookies for my nice colleagues. :-)
Bake the cookies at 175°C for about 8 minutes, let them slide off the tray on the baking sheet to prevent them from overbaking.
At my last visit, I had given Clara a little, personalized cookie jar that I made for her.
She can move the cookies to this jar at home, but for the transport, I packed them into my super green bunny jar :-)

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