Cake of Death - Happy Valentine's Day!

After I had made death cookies for my best friend's birthday, who is a big fan of the Notfunny comics, he promptly gave me the matching "cake mold of death" for my birthday :-) Now, you cannot bake such a cake for just any occasion - you wouldn't want the recipient of the cake to take it the wrong way! So I decided spontaneously on a counter-measure to the Valentine's Day-induced ubiquitous hearts and love motives in Pinterest and everywhere, and devoted this cake to all the singles for Valentine's Day ;-) 

By the way, my colleague found this recipe on Chefkoch.de, and I wanted give it a try, because it contains neither oil nor butter.

Ingredients for 1 death cake and 3 muffins:
200 g sugar
1 pack vanilla sugar
5 eggs
150 ml milk
50 ml rum
200 g ground hazelnuts or almonds
200 g flour
1 packet of baking powder,
margarine and flour for the mold 

150 g of whole milk chocolate coating
5 g white chocolate
20 g dark chocolate

Nutrition: 2418 kcal for the cake (without chocolate), 303 calories per muffin

Coat the mold with margarine using a paper towel, cool and sprinkle with flour, tap off excess flour.
 Stir sugar and eggs until frothy, then briefly stir in the remaining ingredients. 
 Pour the batter into the mold of death and smooth it a bit.
Bake at 180 ° C for 40 min, test with a skewer. Set the mold on a wire rack to cool or, as has worked extremely well for me today, set it directly into the snow to cool! 
Turn the cake out of the mold and let it rest a little on a wire rack. I was pleasantly surprised with this cake, since I used to have trouble getting the bear cake to come out of the mold in once piece, bit the result was very good this time - either due to the better quality of the mold, or it was the method with the snow... but I'll need more tests in order to decide that. I certainly was impressed how well the cake came out of the mold and how well the details were visible! 
Melt the whole milk chocolate coating over hot water and cover the cake with it, making sure that the details remain visible by not applying the chocolate too thick. 
Let the first chocolate layer dry slightly. Then fill the white parts with the white chocolate and finally the dark parts and lines with dark chocolate. I find it most convenient to melt the chocolate in the same piping bag or a plastic sandwich bag in warm water that I use to pipe it. 
Happy Valentine's Day, you singles! ;-)

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