Dessert with yogurt and fruits

If you're looking for a dessert that is fast and easy to prepare and rather light in addition, just go with the yogurt and fruit combo, layered decoratively into a glass. I used Greek yogurt with 10% fat, low-fat yogurt would be even lighter, of course, but won't keep you sated just as long... The fact that the yogurt tastes a bit sour, makes the fruits taste very sweet in comparison, although the mixed berries also contain some rather sour fruits. The dessert can be prepared well in advance and looks pretty with the colorful layers in the glass. You get yet another layer of color if you mix some of the fruit with the yogurt before piling it into the glass.

500 g Greek yogurt (10% fat),
500 g frozen fruit (mixed berries, raspberries or strawberries)
40 g sugar

Energy: 315 kcal per serving

Puree one third of the fruit with the sugar, keep a couple of pretty berries for decoration and let them thaw individually. Stir smooth the yogurt in its cup. Alternately layer pureed fruit, yogurt and frozen fruit into the glasses, decorate with thawed fruit (shake off the thawing juice first)! 

If you want, you can also add crumbled crackers or cereal, and decorate it with some juice. Bon appetit!

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