My very first Chocolate Muffins

The very first muffins that I have ever baked come from a long-forgotten recipe book which a school friend of mine had once borrowed from the town library. Yes, back then we had no Internet! 
In the meantime, the recipe had disappeared, but I found it again and think it's still as good as ever. Sophias Quick Chocolate Muffins are very similar (except for the more fluid dough ) because I had then tried to reproduce the lost recipe from memory... So, here come my very very very first chocolate muffins! Tadah!

70 g melted butter or neutral oil
210 ml milk 
1 egg
1 TSP vinegar 

200 g sugar
1 TSP vanilla or something vanilla
300 g flour
2 TSP baking powder
TSP salt
80 g cocoa
75 g chocolate chips 

Energy: 270 kcal per muffin

Grease muffin tin or line it with paper forms. Mix the liquid ingredients together, mix the dry ingredients, mix the two together, stir for about 1 minute and fill it into the muffin tin with a spatula or tablespoon.

Bake at 170° C for 20 minutes, test with a skewer. Share and enjoy!

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