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Hurrah! :-) 
Dani from Gingered Things has nominated my blog as one of her five favourite blogs in the "Liebster Blog" campaign. Thanks a lot! Even more so as my blog is the online baking blog, the others and Gingered Things itself are mainly about DIY - but I think DIY can be combined very nicely and to the advantage of both topics with baking... :-)

Obviously, I'll also participate in the campaign, I think it's a great idea! These are my nominations - check them out!
Nesrin from Nesrins Küche has great Turkish recipes and gateaus (in German or Turkish), and apart from that, hers was the blog that inspired me to start blogging myself! :-)
Silvia from Candid Moments has great recipes and very beautiful pictures, in Bushcook's Kitchen, a veteran member of the Chefkoch.de group is cooking, at Table for One (the only English blog), my colleague Virginia cooks and bakes very creative and healthy food, and at Jelenas This and That blog, there are always nice tartes and cakes! 

In any case, have fun with the blogs and a fantastic day!

The rules for the campaign:
  • Post the award on your Blog
  • Link the nominator 
  • Nominate 5 other blogs with less then 200 followers for the award and inform the authors

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