Gelatin Fondant

I made my first decorations with marzipan, powdered sugar and food coloring, then I discovered Marshmallow Fondant and finally this fantastic Gelatin Fondant (German recipe). Wikipedia says: "Fondant (UK: /ˈfɒndənt/, US: /ˈfɑndənt/ or /ˈfɑndɑnt/, from the French: /fɔ̃.dɑ̃/) is one of several kinds of icing-like substance used to decorate or sculpt pastries." In the comments to the recipe, they talk about a caramel syrup, but since I couldn't find it in Munich and since I tried very unsuccessfully to use "Grafschafter Rübensirup", I settled on using this easily made Glucose Syrup (German recipe). Since I am preparing a cake with gelatin fondant, I made the fondant today to use it tomorrow. Gelatin Fondant is less tough than Marshmallow Fondant, it can be kept for quite a while in the fridge or frozen and doesn't taste too sweet (for fondant, anyway). I can really recommend it!
Ingredients for 1 Serving (ca. 1,5 kg):
1 pck. powdered gelatin
60 ml water
120 ml glucose syrup
0,5 TSP citric acid
1 TSP glycerin
1 pinch salt
1300 g powdered sugar

Energy: 373 kcal per 100 g

Soak the gelatin in water, proceed to melt it in the microwave at 50% or in a bain-marie. Add glucose syrup, glycerin, citric acid and salt. If you need a lot of colored fondant, you can add the coloring at this step. Pour 500 g powdered sugar into a bowl, add the gelatin mix and knead the using the hooks of your kitchen machine. Add the rest of the powdered sugar in portions, knead the dough by hand once it gets to tough for the machine. The fondant should be similar in consistency to a soft short pastry dough. 

Cut the fondant in two halves and pack it into freezer bags. Let the fondant rest at room temperature for a day. The fondant keeps in the fridge for quite a while. If the fondant is very sticky, you can use more powdered sugar or lightly oil your hands and tools with some neutral oil.

Glycerin is used in a lot of food as a humectant agent and keeps the fondant from hardening too quickly. Fondant decorations won't work on whipped cream, instead you should use a ganache to cover the cake beneath the fondant.
And this is a selection of my previous uses of Gelatin Fondant: A gateau for a wedding,

 assorted cake decorations and my personal favorite, Eva from Wall-E :-)

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