Pizzaiola is a tomato based pizza sauce, called "sugo" in Italian, that has to simmer for several hours. It keeps for quite a while and can be used as a pizza topping as well as a base for pasta sauces.
Since I use this Pizzaiola for my Pizza and the next post addresses the Pizzastone Project, I didn't want to keep the recipe from you!
Also, a nicely wrapped jar of Pizzaiola makes a great last minute gift!

Ingredients for ca. 5 Liters:
5 onions (preferably shalotts)
8 TBSP sugar
8 jars of tomatoes á 400 g
2 P. pureed tomatoes á 500g
400 ml red wine
8 TBSP sugar
Energy: 32 kcal per 100 ml

Cube the onions and saute them in a large pot, sprinkle with the sugar, let the sugar turn to caramel and pour in the tomatoes. Let it simmer and thicken for at least 1-2 hours whilst adding wine and spices to taste.

Sterilize some twist off glasses and the lids and pour in the pizzaiola while it's still hot. Screw on the lids and turn the glasses upside down, the pizzaiola should keep for several months.

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