Coloring Easter Eggs with Leaves

For several years now, we color some of our easter eggs with leaves from the garden. It's amazing what kind of nicely shaped leaves you can find if you look closely!
Apart from eggs and egg coloring, you only need nicely shaped leaves and parts of old stockings, which are used to fix the leaves on the eggs.
It's rather fast and very pretty, isn't it?

eggs (I had brown eggs, with white ones, the effekt is more dramatic)
egg coloring
silk/nylon stockings
bowl of water 

Mix the egg coloring according to instructions. Boil the eggs for 5 minutes.

Choose the leaves, remove the stem, use the water from the bowl to dampen the leaves and put them on the hot eggs, they stick rather okay that way.

Wrap a piece of stocking around the egg and the leaves and tie a knot.
Remove the end of the knot (I'd forgotten that and all that stocking takes up too much room in the coloring dish).

Color the eggs following the instructions and set them to dry. Afterwards, carefully remove the stockings and the leaves.

If you want, you can use some oil or a bacon crust to grease the eggs for a nice shine!

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