Swedish Arrack rolls (Punschrullar)

In northern Sweden, more precisely in a great hotel near the Abisko National Park, Ingrid and I made ​​the acquaintance of Swedish Arrack rolls. We were thrilled! We had four different local sweets in the test (the others were called Chocolate Kiss, Chokladböllar and Cloudberry-Kiss) and Lanka the punch role was the best. Punch is a Swedish liqueur based on  Arrack, hence the different names. While I was researching that, I've learned that in addition to the Sri Lankan coconut-based Arrack which I know, there is another anise-based Arak, which is produced in some Arab countries! I'm not a big fan of anise, so I have not missed anything by my ignorance ;-) But with Arrack, I will certainly bake more often in the future!

Our enthusiasm was great of course as we discovered the Punschrullar in a supermarket in Stockholm, and we bought some immediately. I had never seen this candy and was therefore very surprised to find the same "Punschrollen"-  exactly on the day after my return home - in a German Lidl - right next to the elk soup! Of course I also bought them and compared the two sorts, I liked the Swedish ones better!

The recipe research revealed that in addition to butter, sugar and cocoa, a certain amount of cake crumbs or cookie crumbs is needed for the filling.
According to the package information, both purchased Punschrullar contained oatmeal, which was not mentioned in any of my recipes, and since I didn't like the oatmeal taste very much, I used cake crumbs and baked a sponge cake with Arrack. I wanted to make the rolls for my dad for Father's Day because he likes both marzipan and Arrack, but did not know where I can get Arrack in Munich, which seems to be a typical problem. Fortunately, my parents had some at home, which is why the Arrack rolls were produced there :-)

Ingredients for 12 small Arrack rolls:

50 g butter or margarine
500 ml of cookie crumbs or cake crumbs from the Arrack cake (about 180 g)
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tsp cocoa
2 tsp Arrack 
150 g gelatin fondant or marzipan (kneaded with icing sugar)
green food coloring
50 to 100 g dark chocolate

For the Arrack cake (18 cm, 640 g):

3 eggs
225 g flour
0.5 p baking powder 
0.5 p vanilla sugar
150 g sugar
90 ml oil
50 ml water
2 tbsp arrack 

Nutritional value: 120 kcal per piece

Prepare a batter from the cake ingredients and bake it at 175°C for about 45 min, test with a skewer and allow to cool.
Cut approx. a third of the cake (180 g, the whole cake weighs 640 g), the upper edge is well-suited, because it contains much of the crust and then you can also use the straight-cut cake for something else. Let the cake cool completely and crumble it to pieces.
For the Arrack rolls, whisk the butter and measure the remaining ingredients.
Add sugar, cocoa, arrack and cake crumbs to the butter.
Process everything into a homogeneous mass.
Compare the resulting paste with the purchased Punschrullar and add some sugar to taste.
Color the marzipan or gelatin fondant green (some arrack rolls in Sweden were also yellow or white), roll it out and cut it into 12 parts, 8cm x 4cm wide.
With your hands, take a good teaspoon of the filling, form a short, thick roll and roll it into a strip of marzipan.

Melt the chocolate and dip the rolls on both sides. Slightly longer rolls would have been easier to handle here! If you're not in too much of a hurry (like me), you can of course only dip one side of the roll, let it dry and then dip the other side.
Allow the chocolate-coated rolls to dry on baking paper.
I stowed the rolls in a decorated box in which they fit perfectly. I also improvised a "Happy Father's Day" in Sri Lankan, which, of course, was completely wrong. Well, my dad did understand it anyway ;-)
"Happy Father's Day" in Sri Lankan is correctly spelled like this:
සුබ තාත්තගෙ දවසක්
For our mom, there was a Mother's Day cake from the rest of Arrack cake that my sister has decorated so prettily. We froze the cake, and instructed our dad to thaw it in time for Mother's Day ;-)
Happy parents' days!


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