Wheat Tortillas for Fajitas

On New Years Eve, I served Fajitas - tortillas to be filled with chili con carne , guacamole , sour cream, lettuce, etc. I had prepared homemade wheat tortillas a few years ago, but didn't have recipe but anymore. Therefore, I experimented with two recipes , one from Pinterest with baking soda and one from chefkoch. The chefkoch recipe worked best - maybe because I had a better feel for the right temperature of the pan then...but if it works without baking soda, you can just leave it our, right? The tortillas could be rolled and frozen nicely, were easy to make and very tasty! And compared with the readymade store-bought tortillas with all the artificial flavors and preservatives, the ingredients list with only flour, oil, salt and water, is clearly more sympathetic :-)  Also, you can use whole wheat flour, and vary the flour according to taste and allergies! :-)

Ingredients for 24 wheat tortillas:
1 kg flour
180 ml ​​oil
500 ml water
2 tsp salt 

Preparation: Stir with the dough hook of the hand mixer or food processor to a smooth, supple dough, cover the bowl and rest the dough about 1 hour. Shape a long roll out of the dough and cut it into 24 equal parts, roll each piece into a small smooth ball. Heat a frying pan (to 9 of 12, or 2.5 of 3) and put the first tortilla into the pan only when the pan is really hot, otherwise needs the tortilla too long to bake through, and is therefore brittle and too hard to roll. I always bake a tortilla, while I roll out the next one. Each tortilla takes about 30-50 seconds per side, or the pan is not hot enough!

Stack the finished tortillas on a plate. In order to improve the rollability, cover them with a plastic bag or plastic wrap in the end.
The tortillas also freeze well. If they dry out and get too hard, a few seconds in the microwave will soften them!
Que aproveche!

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