Reindeer Heart Cookies

Like so much else, I discovered this cute and easy way of decorating cookies on Pinterest. My reindeer are (intentionally) darker than thanks to cocoa in the dough, and I thought a heart shape would be nice - even if that lead some onlookers to mistake the heart-shaped ones for "Reindeer mice" and the jagged ones for "Reindeer hedgehogs"!
If you decorate as many cookies as I did, it takes time despite the simplicity ... but it was worth it, right? And you'll have many cookies to hand out, which is always good. :-) I used the same dough as for the non-lemming Funny cookies .
Ingredients for 80 pieces:

200 g flour
100 g ground almonds
10 g cocoa 

100 g sugar
100 g butter
0.5 pack vanilla sugar
0.5 pack baking powder
2 eggs

30 mini smarties, red
30 g bittersweet chocolate

Nutritional value: 20 kcal per piece

Knead all the ingredients from flour to eggs to shortcrust pastry and possibly cool the dough in the fridge. Sort out the red Smarties.

With a cookie cutter, cut out the hearts, bake them at 170 ° C for 8 minutes and slide them from the tray on the baking paper to prevent further baking.

Melt the chocolate over hot water (that works well right in the piping bag in warm water), attach the red Smarties with a dab of chocolate and pipe eyes and mini antlers. Done!
Now only pack and tie the parcel and the reindeer are ready to fly off for "Post aus meiner Küche"!

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