3 Kinds of 3-Minute-Bread in Wooden Baskets

Baking bread without the tedium of letting it rise and waiting around until it's ready comes in very handy for people in a hurry!
Since I didn't have a loaf pan, I had the idea of using 3 smallish wooden baskets (they had come to me from my organic delivery service, containing 500 g of mushrooms each)  for baking and mix three different ingredients into the bread - pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and olives/para nuts.

Ingredients for 3 breads á 700 g:
14 g yeast (2 P.)
900 ml water
500 g whole spelt flour
500 g whole wheat floud
each 50 g walnuts, para nuts, pumpkin seeds, olives
4 TSP Salt
4 TBSP Vinegar

Energy: ca. 196 kcal/100 g
Line the baskets with baking sheets: draw the shape of the baskets on the sheet, cut out the edges and fold along the lines. If you do have loaf molds, but no baskets, you can bake the dough in 2 loaf molds, also lined with baking sheets.
Let the olives drip, roughly chop the nuts.

Mix all the other ingredients in a big bowl with kneading hooks of with a kitchen machine. Divide the dough in three equal parts (using a scale,  each part should weigh about 630 g) and knead in the nuts/seeds/olives.

Fill the doughs into the baskeds and set into the cold oven. Don't let them rise, don't preheat the oven, the bread rises while the oven heats!
Bake at 170°C with convection for about 70 minutes, use the "knocking test" - the bread is done if the underside sounds hollow. Enjoy with or without butter!

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